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RightCare Back to School Travel PPE Mas Sized Max 53% OFF Weekly update Face Kit - Child

RightCare Back to School Travel PPE Kit - Child Sized Face Mas


RightCare Back to School Travel PPE Kit - Child Sized Face Mas

Product Description

face shield gloves masks lanyard hand sanitizer stickers zipper bag
packed out kit zipper bag

Youth Protection Kit Contents

What it Includes
Large Protection Kits youth teen adult
Protection Kit for School/Work/Travel (Large Teen/Adult) Protection Kit for School/Work/Travel (Youth) Protection Kit for School/Work/Travel (Teen/Adult)
Sanitizing Wipes 2 Packs 1 Pack 1 Pack
Hand Sanitizer 2.54oz amp; 16.9oz Sanitizer 2.54oz Sanitizer 2.54oz Sanitizer
Face Shield
Face Masks 20ct Regular Size 10ct Child Size 10ct Regular Size
Face Mask Lanyard
Nitrile Gloves 5 Pairs
Zipper Pouch 14 in x 10 in 10 in x 7 in 10 in x 7 in

RightCare Back to School Travel PPE Kit - Child Sized Face Mas

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