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Corgi Boys Hawker Hurricane Diecast Max 41% OFF Seasonal Wrap Introduction Aviation AA27604 Military

Corgi Boys Hawker Hurricane Diecast Military Aviation (AA27604)


Corgi Boys Hawker Hurricane Diecast Military Aviation (AA27604)

Product description

Perhaps the most successful Hawker Hurricane Mk.I fighter of this difficult period was V7795, usually flown by Pilot Officer William Vale, of No.80 Squadron, Royal Air Force. Still displaying its standard RAF day fighter camouflage scheme, this unusual aircraft also included some additional field applied camouflage modifications to the leading edge and engine cowling, which were applied to just a small number of Hurricanes. Vale claimed eight enemy aircraft destroyed whilst flying this aircraft, during April and May 1941. The rugged design of the Hurricane and numbers available to the RAF saw many machines sent overseas and as the war began to spread across the globe, so did the influence of the dependable Hurricane. From North Africa to Russia, the Hurricane continued to provide sterling service and continued to destroy Axis aircraft and military vehicles.

Corgi Boys Hawker Hurricane Diecast Military Aviation (AA27604)

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