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Purchase Blue Over item handling ☆ Economy Square 4 Gallon 18 Bucket Pack Plastic

Blue Economy Square 4 Gallon Plastic Bucket, 18 Pack


Blue Economy Square 4 Gallon Plastic Bucket, 18 Pack

Product description

Our 18 Pack of Blue Square Buckets have an 80 mil thickness, which makes them good for food storage. All of our buckets are FDA Compliant and in the 18 pack

These do not include lid, but These 4-gallon plastic buckets come standard with metal handle, which is attached to either side of the bucket. In the center of the metal handle is a plastic piece affixed for easy handling.

Although these are not to be used for transporting liquids, they are great for planting, dry goods, tool storage, toy storage or anything you may want to organize. When empty, the Blue bucket pails nest easily for efficient transportation.

When full with the lid in place, these 4-gallon buckets can stack 2 high for secure storage.


  1. 18 Pack of 4 Gallon Blue Square Pails
  2. 9.5" X 9.75" X 13"
  3. 2 Lbs
  4. -gasket
  5. Sold Separately

Blue Economy Square 4 Gallon Plastic Bucket, 18 Pack

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