Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,/us/wotd/english/wotdrss.xml,Spotlights,Solid,Outdoor,,Di,Voltage,Low,,$28,Brass,Landscape,CINOTON $28 CINOTON Low Voltage Landscape Spotlights Outdoor, Solid Brass Di Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans CINOTON Low quality assurance Voltage Landscape Spotlights Solid Di Brass Outdoor $28 CINOTON Low Voltage Landscape Spotlights Outdoor, Solid Brass Di Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,/us/wotd/english/wotdrss.xml,Spotlights,Solid,Outdoor,,Di,Voltage,Low,,$28,Brass,Landscape,CINOTON CINOTON Low quality assurance Voltage Landscape Spotlights Solid Di Brass Outdoor

CINOTON Low quality Fresno Mall assurance Voltage Landscape Spotlights Solid Di Brass Outdoor

CINOTON Low Voltage Landscape Spotlights Outdoor, Solid Brass Di


CINOTON Low Voltage Landscape Spotlights Outdoor, Solid Brass Di

Product Description

landscape lighting

Main Features:

  • ·Dimensions: Φ2.36" x 8.46"L (Landscape lighting) 8.5"L (Spike)
  • ·Materials: Solid Brass
  • Composite PVC Plastic (Spike)
  • ·Lens: Transparent Convex Glass
  • ·Lamp: MR16 Bulb
  • ·Power: 5W
  • ·Color Temperature: 2700K
  • ·Input Voltage: 12V AC/DC
landscape lighting
landscape lighting


  • 1pc MR16 LED Bulb
  • 1pc Ground Stake
  • 6FT Pre-wired SPT 1W 2 x18AWG Copper Leads

CINOTON Low Voltage Landscape Spotlights Outdoor, Solid Brass Di


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