$27 Leviton L9502 Single U Eye, Closed Mesh, Single Weave, Standard Tools Home Improvement Electrical Eye,,Tools Home Improvement , Electrical,L9502,Single,Mesh,,$27,U,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,Standard,Leviton,Weave,,Single,Closed,/autistic565534.html Eye,,Tools Home Improvement , Electrical,L9502,Single,Mesh,,$27,U,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,Standard,Leviton,Weave,,Single,Closed,/autistic565534.html Leviton L9502 Single U Eye Weave Standard Mesh Outstanding Closed Leviton L9502 Single U Eye Weave Standard Mesh Outstanding Closed $27 Leviton L9502 Single U Eye, Closed Mesh, Single Weave, Standard Tools Home Improvement Electrical

Leviton L9502 Single Challenge the lowest price of Japan U Eye Weave Standard Mesh Outstanding Closed

Leviton L9502 Single U Eye, Closed Mesh, Single Weave, Standard


Leviton L9502 Single U Eye, Closed Mesh, Single Weave, Standard

Product description

From the Manufacturer

Leviton Wire Mesh Safety Grips are built tough to provide the strength, reliability and gripping force required for today's demanding wire management applications. They are designed to distribute stress over a large area so they can securely hold, pull or support the wire, rope, tubing or fiber optic cable to which they are applied. Leviton Wire Mesh Safety Grips are flexible holding devices used to pull cable, rope, or tubing into place; to support it after it has been installed, to prevent cable pullout; or to provide strain-relief that reduces the arc of bend at points of wire connections or terminations. Available in a wide selection of style, weave, attachment and wire options designed to meet the highest standards for strength, flexibility, durability and longevity Single U Eye, Closed Mesh, Single Weave, Standard Duty, Support Wire Mesh Grip .620 to .740 Cable Diameter.

Leviton L9502 Single U Eye, Closed Mesh, Single Weave, Standard

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