$101 Geox Flexyper Ankle Boots/Boots Boys Marine/Black - 3 Kid - Mid Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Boys Boots/Boots,Boys,$101,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Boys,Mid,Ankle,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,-,Geox,Kid,-,Flexyper,3,/catachrestical1256421.html,Marine/Black safety Geox Flexyper Ankle Boots Boys Marine Black Mid Kid 3 - safety Geox Flexyper Ankle Boots Boys Marine Black Mid Kid 3 - Boots/Boots,Boys,$101,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Boys,Mid,Ankle,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,-,Geox,Kid,-,Flexyper,3,/catachrestical1256421.html,Marine/Black $101 Geox Flexyper Ankle Boots/Boots Boys Marine/Black - 3 Kid - Mid Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Boys

safety Under blast sales Geox Flexyper Ankle Boots Boys Marine Black Mid Kid 3 -

Geox Flexyper Ankle Boots/Boots Boys Marine/Black - 3 Kid - Mid


Geox Flexyper Ankle Boots/Boots Boys Marine/Black - 3 Kid - Mid

Product description

GEOX FLEXYPER comfortable boy ankle boots. Casual design combining navy blue with black. Made with waxed leather effect materials of different textures with reinforcement on the toe. Thanks to its exclusive system of the patented GEOX sole, made of EVA with rubber inserts to guarantee optimal adherence as well as lightness and cushioning. Without a doubt, a button model suitable for children thanks to its high level of specialization and suitability. They will enjoy enviable breathability as well as safety and comfort. They have removable insoles.

Geox Flexyper Ankle Boots/Boots Boys Marine/Black - 3 Kid - Mid

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