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Wingback Chair Covers Slipcovers Slipcover Baltimore Cheap mail order sales Mall W Sofa

Wingback Chair Covers Slipcovers Wingback Chair Sofa Slipcover W


Wingback Chair Covers Slipcovers Wingback Chair Sofa Slipcover W

Product description



This 2-pieces wing back chair slipcovers consist of 2 parts, one is base slipcover and the other is cushion slipcover. Save you money by extending the life of your chair sofa, make your old furniture appear brand new.

Protect your wing chairs from food and drink spills, pet hair and messy with our wing chair covers that are conveniently machine washable, it is easy to install and take off.

Wing chair cover is easy to clean, saving you much effort, separately in cold water on the gentle cycle with similar colors, do not use bleach.

Wing chair cover is made from stretch polyester, breathable and comfort to touch. Give you a comfortable feeling.

Material: Polyester and Polyamide

Package Includes: Wing chair cover*1

Suitable for chair size: length 27.1-31.5 inches, width 31.5-35.4 inches, height 35.4-39.4 inches.

NOTE: Please measure your chair size before ordering!!

Wingback Chair Covers Slipcovers Wingback Chair Sofa Slipcover W


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