Rugged Seasonal Wrap Introduction Ridge 13594.35 Savannah Brief Top Black Diamond Sailcloth Sailcloth,,Black,Rugged,Brief,13594.35,Top,$107,Savannah,Ridge,/fideicommissioner711061.html,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Diamond $107 Rugged Ridge 13594.35 Savannah Brief Top Black Diamond Sailcloth Automotive Replacement Parts Rugged Seasonal Wrap Introduction Ridge 13594.35 Savannah Brief Top Black Diamond Sailcloth Sailcloth,,Black,Rugged,Brief,13594.35,Top,$107,Savannah,Ridge,/fideicommissioner711061.html,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Diamond $107 Rugged Ridge 13594.35 Savannah Brief Top Black Diamond Sailcloth Automotive Replacement Parts

Rugged Seasonal Wrap Introduction Ridge 13594.35 Savannah Brief Top Max 71% OFF Black Diamond Sailcloth

Rugged Ridge 13594.35 Savannah Brief Top Black Diamond Sailcloth


Rugged Ridge 13594.35 Savannah Brief Top Black Diamond Sailcloth

Product description

Get your Wrangler JL prepared for warmer weather with the Savannah Brief Top from Rugged Ridge. Constructed from durable Black Diamond sailcloth material, the Savannah Brief Top provides shade for both front and rear seat passengers, making the open air driving experience as enjoyable as an umbrella on the beach. The Savannah top secures to the factory sport bar and roll cage using built-in straps amp; buckles, delivering a tight, tailored fit that offers a striking appearance and protection from the elements. Includes windshield header channel for a trouble-free installation, so there is nothing more to purchase.

Rugged Ridge 13594.35 Savannah Brief Top Black Diamond Sailcloth

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