Body,Ball,/geogonic565195.html,Ball,$34,Sumo,Suit,,36",Duty,Heavy,Inflatable,Toys Games , Sports Outdoor Play,Bubble,Bumper 36" Inflatable Body Industry No. 1 Bubble Ball Bumper Sumo Heavy Duty Suit 36" Inflatable Body Industry No. 1 Bubble Ball Bumper Sumo Heavy Duty Suit $34 36" Inflatable Body Bubble Ball Sumo Suit Bumper Ball Heavy Duty Toys Games Sports Outdoor Play $34 36" Inflatable Body Bubble Ball Sumo Suit Bumper Ball Heavy Duty Toys Games Sports Outdoor Play Body,Ball,/geogonic565195.html,Ball,$34,Sumo,Suit,,36",Duty,Heavy,Inflatable,Toys Games , Sports Outdoor Play,Bubble,Bumper


36" Inflatable Body Bubble Ball Sumo Suit Bumper Ball Heavy Duty


36" Inflatable Body Bubble Ball Sumo Suit Bumper Ball Heavy Duty

Product description

This style giant wearable balls are quickly becoming one of America's favorite can enjoy this games outdoor any time for less than the cost of renting sumo suits or a bouncy house.
Great for kids parties and bbqs
A game children can play with friends, family, and siblings
Wonderful activity for camping trips and tailgate parties. fun for the entire family.
Package Contents:
Two-Pack:2*36"Bumper Balls
1 X Repair Patch
Not Include :Pump
Tips for Use:
1. Recommended for kids ages 6 and up. Helmets are recommended and children should be supervised at all times.
2. Inspect the Bumper Balls before and after each use and make sure they are inflated to the proper level.
3. For longer lifetime use, do not over-inflate and fold carefully after deflated for storage.
4. Use on flat and soft surfaces such as sand and grass. Do not use on surfaces with rocks or sharp debris.
5. Wear soft comfortable clothing and remove personal accessories that may damage the ball such as jewelry or belts.
6: For best results try and match up children by comparable size and age.
Warm Tips:
1. Do not over-inflate the bumper balls or inflate it under high pressure. Immediately fill the air valve with a provided plug when you inflate it to 80%.
2. Its normal that inflatables bumper balls are likely to Air leakage slowly. Please deflate the product, fold it up and place it flat in a place free from friction or sharp objects if it won’t be used for a long time.
3. This bumper balls can be rinsed by water if it is stained.
4. Deflation: Open and squeeze the air valve to deflate the air inside slowly and naturally or insert a slim object to keep the air valve opened. Be careful to not penetrate the ball to forcibly deflate the air. After that, fold up the bumper ball carefully.
5. It can bear no more than 80kg.
6. Please press the air valve down after inflation to avoid leakage during bumping.

36" Inflatable Body Bubble Ball Sumo Suit Bumper Ball Heavy Duty

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