$72 Szanto Men's SZ 2252 2250 Series Classic Vintage-Inspired Stainl Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Szanto,/gynarchy565637.html,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,Series,$72,Vintage-Inspired,Stainl,Classic,2250,Men's,2252,SZ $72 Szanto Men's SZ 2252 2250 Series Classic Vintage-Inspired Stainl Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Szanto Men's SZ 2252 Free shipping 2250 Stainl Classic Vintage-Inspired Series Szanto Men's SZ 2252 Free shipping 2250 Stainl Classic Vintage-Inspired Series Szanto,/gynarchy565637.html,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,Series,$72,Vintage-Inspired,Stainl,Classic,2250,Men's,2252,SZ

Szanto Men's SZ 2252 Free shipping 2250 Stainl Classic Vintage-Inspired Year-end annual account Series

Szanto Men's SZ 2252 2250 Series Classic Vintage-Inspired Stainl


Szanto Men's SZ 2252 2250 Series Classic Vintage-Inspired Stainl

Product description


Szanto (pronounced Sahn-tow) is a new collection of vintage-inspired timepieces.

This American brand’s essence was conceived in California, where Szanto designers were captivated by the beauty and simplicity of old military watch designs from the early 20th century. These classic watches possess so much character but are too petite by contemporary standards.

Over the past few years, there has been a trend toward “vintage” that can be seen in all types of merchandise and is very much present in the watch trade, particularly in the expensive luxury sector. Szanto recognized an opportunity to update vintage designs of the past for today’s world, with larger sizes and the addition of quartz movements for accuracy and affordability, thereby making the collection accessible to a wider audience.

Journey back in time with Szanto to the “Golden Age of Travel,” a time when craftsmen took pride in the quality of their workmanship, and a time when travel, whether by ocean liner, steam train, or motor car, was perceived as an adventure. Steamer trunks covered with stickers from exotic destinations like London, Cairo, Prague, Paris, Singapore, and Shanghai were common and iconic. In keeping with this tradition, each Szanto watch comes packed in its own mini travel trunk.

Take the grand tour of Szanto’s launch collection…“Everything Old is New Again.”

Szanto…Time Rediscovered

Szanto 2252 Vintage Inspired Chronograph Watch. IP Black Plated with Brushed Finish 46mm Stainless Steel Case, Push Crown, Black Dial with Luminous Orange Markings and Hands. Rock solid Japanese Quartz 3 Eye Chronograph Movement with Date. Measures 24 Hour time amp; elapsed time up to One Hour. Hardened Mineral Domed Crystal. Black Genuine Leather Strap with Worn "Cracked" appearance, Orange Contrast Stitch amp; IP Black Plated Signature Stainless Steel Buckle. 30 Meters Water resistant. Packaged in its own Vintage Inspired Travel Trunk. Truly the essence of Time Rediscovered!

Szanto Men's SZ 2252 2250 Series Classic Vintage-Inspired Stainl


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