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ABS Professional Mixing Console Powered Regular store Tulsa Mall Audio Mixer Studio Live

ABS Professional Mixing Console Powered Mixer Live Studio Audio


ABS Professional Mixing Console Powered Mixer Live Studio Audio

Product description

Style:8 Channel


Name: Mixing Console

Input: AC 110V 50Hz 18W

Output: AC 18V X 2 350mA

Material: ABS

Color: Blackamp;Red

Size: 400 x 340 x 37 mm


LR main mix

2 Aux sends


Responsive 3 band EQ

Individual phantom power

Channel and master meters

60mm dust protected faders

2-Track monitoring and re play to LR

Headphones and local monitor outputs

Dedicated stereo, peak-retaining monitor meters

Ultra low noise mix head amp design

Digital effect processor

Technical Parameters:

Max Input Level: +24dBu(MIC/Line); +20dbu(other line)

Max Output Level: +26dBu(XLR); +20dBu(TRS)

Master Meters: 10 segment -24dB to CLIP

Channel Meters: 1 LED signal indication

Frequency Response: 20Hz to 30KHz 0.5dB

CMRR (MIC 1kHz): >75dB

THD+N: <0.01%(Channel to mix out)

Crosstalk at 1kHz: >85dB(Fader/Mute shutoff); >82dB(inter channel)

Noise, rms 22Hz to 22KHz:

√EIN -122dBu

√Residual output noise <-90dBu

√L/R main mix noise <-82dBu

√Aux mix noise <-82dBu

Mono EQ:

√LF, shelving,+/-15dB, 12KHz

√HM, peak/dip,+/-15dB, 2.5KHz

√LF, shelving,+/-15dB, 80Hz

Mono channel:

√XLR balanced, pin 2 hot, 2K ohm, Sensitivity -40 to +14dBu

√TRS balanced, tip hot, 10K ohm, Sensitivity -20 to +14dBu

√XLR, phantom +48V

2-track return: RCA, unbalanced, 4K ohm, -2dBu

2-track send: RCA, unbalanced, <75 ohm, -2dBu

L/R output: XLR unbalanced, pin 2 hot, <75 ohm, +4dBu, Max.+22dBu

FX/AUX output: TRS unbalanced, tip hot, <75 ohm, -2dBu, Max.+18dBu

Headphones: TRS, tip L, ring R, 30 to 600 ohm headphones recommended

ABS Professional Mixing Console Powered Mixer Live Studio Audio

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