,2018-2019,Splash,Guards,Front,for,Upgraded,Car,BMW,/isotrehalose686807.html,Flaps,X2,Automotive , Exterior Accessories,$36,Mud $36 Upgraded Car Mud Flaps Splash Guards for BMW X2 2018-2019 Front Automotive Exterior Accessories Japan's largest assortment Upgraded Car Mud Flaps Splash Guards X2 2018-2019 Front for BMW Japan's largest assortment Upgraded Car Mud Flaps Splash Guards X2 2018-2019 Front for BMW $36 Upgraded Car Mud Flaps Splash Guards for BMW X2 2018-2019 Front Automotive Exterior Accessories,2018-2019,Splash,Guards,Front,for,Upgraded,Car,BMW,/isotrehalose686807.html,Flaps,X2,Automotive , Exterior Accessories,$36,Mud

Japan's largest assortment Upgraded Car Mud Flaps Splash Guards X2 free 2018-2019 Front for BMW

Upgraded Car Mud Flaps Splash Guards for BMW X2 2018-2019 Front


Upgraded Car Mud Flaps Splash Guards for BMW X2 2018-2019 Front

Product description

Size:BMW X2 2018-2019

Product Name: Custom fit Car Mud Flaps.
Colour: Black.
Material: High Grade Semi-Rigid ABS plastic.
Package include: 4 pieces / set.
Product features: wear-resistant, heat-resistant, low-temperature resistant.
Applicable position: front and rear wheels.
The appearance is concealed and the size is beautiful.

Why do you want to install car mudguards?
The original car lacks the protection of mudguards, and the muddy muds encountered in the rainy days will splash the car body.

In the rain or muddy road, is the car full of mud?
The body is smashed into difficult to remove stains is not very troublesome, no fenders really can not afford to hurt, muddy water, scratching paint.

Does the hole position of car fender match and need to be re-punched?
Car fender is added accessories, and there is a hole position problem, which is normal. In general new car models, the holes are accurate. However, some models require a perforated installation. If you are not sure, please leave a message after purchase to tell us the specific model and year of your car.

Upgraded Car Mud Flaps Splash Guards for BMW X2 2018-2019 Front

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