JHS Morning Glory Discreet Manufacturer direct delivery Pedal Sticker w Overdrive Overdrive,JHS,$129,Sticker,w/,Discreet,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,Musical Instruments , Amplifiers Effects,JHS,/shammy710831.html,Glory,Pedal,Morning Overdrive,JHS,$129,Sticker,w/,Discreet,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,Musical Instruments , Amplifiers Effects,JHS,/shammy710831.html,Glory,Pedal,Morning $129 JHS Morning Glory Discreet Overdrive Pedal w/ JHS Sticker Musical Instruments Amplifiers Effects JHS Morning Glory Discreet Manufacturer direct delivery Pedal Sticker w Overdrive $129 JHS Morning Glory Discreet Overdrive Pedal w/ JHS Sticker Musical Instruments Amplifiers Effects

JHS Morning Glory Discreet Manufacturer direct delivery Pedal Sticker w Overdrive Latest item

JHS Morning Glory Discreet Overdrive Pedal w/ JHS Sticker


JHS Morning Glory Discreet Overdrive Pedal w/ JHS Sticker

Product description

There’s a lot of hype out there these days with overdrive pedals and the last thing we want to do is to add to the noise. As you may already know, almost every boutique overdrive on the market is a modified Tubescreamer of some sort; we have decided to take a different approach. The Morning Glory is a very transparent tone-shaping tool that is the result of several years of building, gigging, tweaking and improving on the original Marshal Bluesbreaker design. We improved vastly on the BB while maintaining what made it a great pedal in the first place. It now has around 4X more headroom, 2X the available gain, and a more useful tone control. The “Bright Cut” toggle allows the perfect level of EQ for your rig. You will notice immediately how touch sensitive and dynamic the feel of this pedal is. The frequencies are perfectly balanced and the tone knob reacts as a high frequency roll off. The drive allows you a huge range of tones from “little wing-ish” chime to classic rock era bite. If you’re a Strat player, this pedal will bring you sounds that you may have thought impossible. If you like the Les Paul, get ready to discover a new pallet of sounds that you won’t be able to live without. With enough clean headroom to be used as a boost as well as a hefty amount of drive, this may be your go-to pedal for good.

JHS Morning Glory Discreet Overdrive Pedal w/ JHS Sticker

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